Patina Earrings

  • Patina Earrings
  • Patina Earrings
  • Patina Earrings

These large organic earrings have an easy going, natural look to them and have a little bit of weight to them. They can jazz up an evening out or be worn as a daytime pair of earrings with jeans and a t-shirt. The two pieces in the pair have slight differences from where I hand cut each organic shape with a jeweler's saw, and applied the patina coloring to look natural, much in the way that metal will change color when left outside.

The color of the earrings will likely change over time as the metal reacts to body chemistry and the natural elements.

-Approximately 2 3/4" tall (including ear wires) and 1" wide.
-Patina colored in a deep dark brown with a touch of green.
-Sterling silver ear wires.
-Handcrafted in my Arizona studio.