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About Michelle Startzman

I am an artist, metalsmith, enamelist, and teacher.
As a native Arizonan, I love living in the hot desert (I know, some think I’m crazy). I currently live in Phoenix with my husband and three cats in my beloved historic home where I dream and create in my studio. My fascination with the natural world comes from my desire to preserve and protect the resources we have on this planet, and to respect the lives of animals that we share our planet with. My interests in ecology, evolution, history, and cultural shifts influence my work. 
I received an MFA in Metalsmithing from Arizona State University after earning a BA in Photography and Art History from The University of Arizona, and now I teach high school students metalsmithing, painting and stained glass. I am an active member of the local art community and volunteer as a Board Member for Arizona Designer Craftsmen. You can find classes and workshops that I teach at Mesa Arts Center, KP Studio and Milkweed Arts in Phoenix, AZ.